A painful toothache when your teeth are cracked

Sometimes, you may experience a toothache but the root cause is not clearly known. In fact, the pain in the tooth does not come from a defective tooth or certain gum disease. Pain in the teeth for no apparent reason that causes dull pain can indicate your teeth are cracked or broken, which may be too small to be seen by the naked eye. Therefore, you need the professional dentists in Markham to check out this condition for you.

Tooth decay may be due to poor chewing habits, tooth grinding, tooth injuries, tooth decay due to large patches, and so on. When the crack is severe, the nerves that may be exposed may cause painful pain. Dental cracks can be an alternative place where bacteria get together to create infections that cause further damage and dental problems.

In addition, when your tooth fillings are loose or near the new tooth decay area, patches can be broken, loose, or worn. You may experience sharp, drowning pain as you bite the area. You may also find that the sore tooth area becomes very sensitive.