Why there is a lot of money in The UK Premier League

Basically, there are several reasons that make the Premier League can spend more than 1 billion pounds in a single transfer window. The first reason is the result of the broadcast rights gain. The 70% increase of domestic television deals is inevitable. Meanwhile, when broadcasting rights have been deployed abroad, the figure is even more astonishing, ie 8.4 billion pounds for the next three years. Meanwhile, you might check out the latest Arsenal transfer news online as well.

Dan Jones, one of the finance experts at Deloitte’s Sports Business Group, said the Premier League broadcasting rights are not the only factor. Another factor is the turn of many managers in the top teams as well as Leicester City’s crown that makes the competition for teams to escape to Europe increasingly intense.

“It’s like a storm,” Jone said. “You get all the factors (that support) at once, so I can not predict if the transfer window next year will be bigger than this year.”