The non-frontal lighting techniques in Photography

The Back light technique in photography is a technique of lighting that utilizes the direction of light that comes right from the back of the object being photographed. Photographers face to face with the direction of the coming light (object back to the light source). This backlight technique is often used to photograph silhouette photographs. Because the purpose of using the backlight technique is to bring up the whole object shape intact. Meanwhile, you can go to if you’re looking for the best equipment for your selfies.

In addition, there is also a top light technique, in photography, this technique is a way of lighting that utilizes the direction of light coming from the top of the object being photographed, resulting in hair spark (hair light), especially if the light source is somewhat behind the object.

This top light technique is used to create a photo that the top of the object has a sparkle that gives a very interesting impression. It is used for photographing photos of butterfly light.