Dealing with anxiety during a flight

As with taking off and landing, turbulence is another factor that can cause anxiety while flying. Turbulence is caused by disturbances in normal airflow. Usually, the pilot knows when there is turbulence in the plane lane and know how to avoid it. Aside from that, you should also read the rules of keselamatan keamanan penerbangan thoroughly to lessen your worry during the flight.

Here are some tips to stay calm during a plane ride:

1. Come to the airport early

Come to the airport sometime earlier than the flight schedule. If it’s too late, you can worry about missing the plane.

This feeling of anxiety will be difficult to recover even if you are already on the plane.

2. Choose a seat

Choosing a seat on the plane is an important part to consider if you are afraid of flying.

You can book a seat in the front of the cabin because the turbulence effect is lower when compared to the back.

3. Let others know your fears

Let the flight attendants and some of the nearest passengers know about your fears or anxieties.

No need to feel ashamed of fear and anxiety felt by many other passengers as well.

This will make flight attendants or flight crew regularly monitor your situation especially when an emergency occurs.