Simple tricks for maintaining your carpets

How to care for the carpet that we have? Below is explained how to care for the carpets we have at home. In the meantime, you can also go to to hire the recommended carpet cleaning company near you.

When on the carpet there is a heavy cupboard, preferably once a month or two are transferred do not silence for years. If ignored it will result in fast carpet damaged.

Carpets every two or three months should be dried for 1 hour. The position of drying the carpet should be the bottom first because of this section where the sediment of water. After that just behind the top, but not too long later the carpet color faded.

When the carpet stains, both stains from food, drinks, eggs, urine and even blood, the first step of cleaning it with a white cloth dampened with warm water and wring it until not too much water and then paste the affected part of the stain. Wait until the dirt stain is absorbed into the white cloth. After that, the cloth is cleaned with water. Do it that way repeatedly until the stains on the carpet absorbed everything .. If the stain is still left, can be rubbed slowly in the direction of the thread line, do not rub it in the with the opposite direction, due to it will damage the texture of the carpet.

To wash handmade carpets should be brought to the carpet store concerned who understand about the carpet material.



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