When your AC turns itself on and off on its own

This ac damage usually occurs on ac brand-brand old brands or can be told that ac is old age. An abnormal on-off switch can also cause the live ac die itself. To fix this by way of the switch on-off by way of soldering, and to turn it on and off it can use the remote. However, ac cannot turn on or off with the switch or on-off button. Apart from that, you can go to airconservicingsingapore.com/ if you need one of the best AC repair services in Singapore.

Sometimes, the module is the error as well. For this damage can be caused because the ac is exposed to high voltage or low voltage/abnormal is the path on the on-off button with the module occurs consulting. To overcome it try to check the ac module by using a tester.

And if the ac module is abnormal please correct the path of the zipper. But this damage is rare, and to prevent it try to use a stabilizer on the ac so that the incoming electric current to ac remain stable ie 220 Volts.