Have Stamina That Increased By Consuming Food And Drink It

Someone who has good stamina will be able to run their various activities very well. For that, many people end up consuming nitric oxide supplements to increase their stamina. Good stamina will usually be needed by those who have very much activity.

In addition to taking these supplements, someone also recommended consuming a variety of foods and beverages that can increase their stamina and energy, such as

1. Spinach
This is a type of green vegetable that contains a lot of high magnesium, which can reduce stress hormone cortisol. Vitamins and minerals in it also can provide the energy needed by the body.

2. Milk
As a healthful drink, milk contains vitamin B2, B12, and antioxidants that are good nutrition in relieving stress. In addition, milk also has many calories that can provide enough energy for the body.

3. Mineral Water
About 60% of the human body is water. When you do too much activity, the body will dive dehydration. And mineral water is the perfect drink to cure it.