How to Make Belt: The Steps You Should Know

If you wonder how pasek is made, then you can read this article. The following are steps to make belt:

1. Make a pattern by using paper as much as two pieces, with each size as follows:
– Pattern A, 1 piece: 95 cm long, 5 cm wide
– Pattern B, 1 piece 90 cm, width 3 cm

2. then make the skin piece according to pattern A, pattern A is the pattern used for the mall to fold or sew the skin.

3. Then mark a line on the edge of the skin with a distance of 1 cm from the edge of the edge.

4. After you finish marking, the next step is to set the marked section with a thickness

5. The next stage is to put the pattern of B in the middle part of A leather meat by clamping. The next step is to fold the skin bit by bit by being pressed or hit with a wooden hammer.

6. When finished, remove the pattern B from skin A, then cut by using scissors 2 or 3 times the skin that has been
set in the curved section.

7. then sew the fold section with a size of 0.5 cm from the edge and the distance of the stitch 1.5cm.

8. Installation of buckles on one end of the skin in the following way:

– Make a hole on the flat end, 1.5 cm from the tip of the skin
– Make a hole as much as 4 pieces, the size is equal to the size of the rivet
– The buckle is fitted with the lock into the hole
– Fold the skin right at the hole
– Rivets mounted on holes that have been made
– Mark the points 6.5 cm, 68 cm, 71 cm, and 74 cm from the end of the buckle shell.

After all, the process was done and the desired object is the belt is finished, the last stage is finishing. This finishing needs to be done so that the workpiece is done the result is more perfect. In finishing, belts can be done by examining the part of the belt section whether the stitches have been perfect or not. To smooth the wrinkled skin to be neater can be done by ironing the belt.