The importance of Meta Description for SEO

Title of the article is very important for SEO a blog because the title is the initial information about the contents of the article to be made. Create a descriptive title and can represent the topic of the content to be created, and make sure the title also contains important keywords. In addition to containing keywords, there is a good title can also attract the attention of prospective readers from search engines like Google. Simple example, trick #1: Create a Blog in WordPress, compare with trick #2: How to Make Blog in WordPress Easy and Fast. Certainly the title made in 2 way attracts more prospective readers, so chances are that people who click on search engines become larger. In the meantime, check out if you want to hire the trusted SEO services in LA.

The meta description is one way that search engines like Google quickly recognize the topic of the articles we write. So be sure to always write your article description every time you create content on the blog. Usually, search engines only read 160 characters from the description section, so do not forget to include keyword topic topics created within 160 characters.