The Right Time to Charge Car Battery

Do you find out Garage Master Blog when it comes to selecting the best products for the battery recharging needs? Recharging the car battery or charging the battery of the car is an attempt to reverse the chemical reaction of the car battery. When discharging electric power, the acidic fluid present in the car battery will react with the cells on the battery. The product resulting from this reaction is electric current. While the by-product is the presence of deposits on the battery cells. Over time this sediment will increasingly accumulate, the battery water to be reduced levels of acidity or changed into bargaining so that the cells in the battery is not in contact with the battery water. Then the voltage and current of the battery supply decrease.

Recharging the battery is a way to release the deposits on the battery cells so that the sediment can be dissolved in the battery water and can increase the acidity of the battery water. A battery is the most important component in motor vehicles because it is a source of electric current in the form of chemical compounds. Inside the battery, there are also many secondary cells that produce electric current to support all vehicle activity, especially car starters. So do not underestimate the role of battery in the car or motorcycle. Well, so far a lot of myths circulating that in filling wet battery water should be done in the morning or before the engine is turned on because if the motor driving the vehicle is on can affect the battery resistance. There is no limit when to fill the water on wet batteries, but it should be done when the engine condition is not hot. In other words, it can be done anytime. For your information, when adding the battery water should not be more than the upper limit of water. Try also not to have dirt coming from the battery charging hole. In addition, everything must be clean.