These Are Two Stains Sticking Usually There On The Carpet And How To Eliminate It

You must often find your carpet dirty and no longer look good. This is a big problem for anyone with a carpet in his room. In fact, carpet cleanliness should always be maintained so that no danger or disease that lodged in it. For this, you can visit, with the carpet cleaning completely, then you can get a good carpet and free of germs and dirt.

There are some stains that are very annoying and difficult to remove if stick to the carpet, especially stains that stick, like some of these stains.

1. Chewing Gum
Chewing gum stuck to the carpet especially the hairy carpet will be very difficult to remove. However, you can eliminate it by putting ice on the gum for two minutes after it is released. Chewing gum will be very easily released in this way.

2. Oil Stains
Oil that is very difficult to remove from the carpet can because it will leave a very visible mark you can remove with dishwashing liquid. Rub the liquid in the oil stain, it will disappear immediately.

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